Angelo Moriondo, an innovative and pioneering figure in the history of gastronomy, is celebrated for his significant contributions to the world of coffee and espresso machines. Born on October 26, 1851, in Turin, Italy, Moriondo’s inventive spirit and entrepreneurial drive laid the foundation for modern coffee culture and the development of espresso-making technology.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Moriondo’s early life is little known, but his passion for engineering and innovation became evident as he grew older. In the late 19th century, coffee consumption was already widespread in Italy, but making coffee was relatively time-consuming and involved complex methods. Moriondo recognized the potential for streamlining this process and embarked on a journey to revolutionize coffee preparation.

Invention of the Espresso Machine

In 1884, at 33, Moriondo obtained a patent for an early version of the espresso machine. His invention aimed to automate and simplify the coffee-making process, enabling the rapid extraction of coffee under pressure. While his initial design was quite different from the modern espresso machines we know today, it laid the groundwork for future innovations.

Moriondo’s machine forced hot water and steam through coffee grounds using a piston and a boiler. This process allowed for the efficient extraction of coffee flavor and aroma in a matter of moments, in stark contrast to the slower methods prevalent at the time.

Impact and Legacy

Although Moriondo’s invention marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of coffee-making technology, it gained little popularity during his lifetime. In the early 20th century, other inventors and entrepreneurs built upon his ideas, refining the espresso machine into the iconic devices used in today’s cafes.

Despite failing to achieve commercial success in his lifetime, Angelo Moriondo’s contributions to the coffee industry laid the foundation for the espresso culture that flourished in Italy and worldwide. His innovation demonstrated the potential for combining engineering and gastronomy, setting the stage for subsequent generations of inventors and entrepreneurs to further revolutionize how we prepare and enjoy coffee.

Net Worth and Recognition

Historical records are limited regarding Angelo Moriondo’s wealth and net worth. As an inventor who didn’t see commercial success with his espresso machine during his lifetime, it’s unlikely that he accumulated significant wealth from his invention. However, his legacy lives on through the impact of his groundbreaking work on coffee technology.


Angelo Moriondo’s inventive spirit and forward-thinking mindset left an indelible mark on the world of coffee. His pioneering espresso machine laid the foundation for the coffee culture that is now a global phenomenon. While his financial success might have eluded him, his innovative contributions have enriched the lives of countless coffee enthusiasts and professionals. Moriondo’s story reminds us of the power of innovation and the lasting influence that inventors can have on industries and cultures worldwide.